Regardless of whether talking about Fitness, Losing Weight, Building Strength, Making Extra Income, Making Money Online, Building Relationships, or any other desire.

What is the #1 Hardest Part About Reaching Our Goal?

Staying Motivated!

Let’s be honest, everybody starts off amazing.  I mean, so committed, so focused and determined on no matter what this time.  2019 is my year and I’m not going to procrastinate, or eat anymore cookies, I’m really serious this time.  I got myself a gym membership or I got the right course that’s going to teach me everything I need to know, and finally I’m going to put it all together.  But then something happens, right?  Somehow we get off track.  Life gets in the way!  Unforeseen circumstance happens, and before we know it, we’ve fallen into the same negative spiral that got us where we didn’t want to be from the beginning.  It happens, right?!  Actually it happens quick, to all of us.  And sometimes it’s of no fault of our own.  Have you ever had to make a decision that put your long-term goal, second to someone’s short-term health or well-being? Or has it ever happened that something really important came up right at the time you had planned to go to the gym, or read your new course?  Believe me when I say, this stuff happens to all of us and it is no fault of your own.  But regardless whose fault it is, how do we get back on track or better yet, stay on track and eventually reach our goal?  

By Staying Motivated!

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking right now, that’s easy to say, but harder to actually do, right?  So how do we do that?  How do we actually stay motivated?  The truth is it’s really quite simple.  Not to be mistaken with easy.  Simple meaning there are certain steps that, if you follow you will achieve the results you are after.  Sort of like an instruction manual, the steps are all there.  Sometimes it’s not necessarily easy to follow but the instructions are there.  Staying motivated is much the same in that if you follow the steps you will get the results you are after.  Now before we get into the steps, lets first get on the same page so that we have a clear understanding of what Motivation actually is.

What Exactly is Motivation?

If you look it up in the dictionary, or online, the definition will resemble something like the following:
Motivation – the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
Now this is very important because this gives understanding to why your mind is programmed this way.  What is it that has you looking for a shift.  Ultimately, why are you seeking change, so much so, that you are willing to switch or adjust your actions or behaviour? When you can identify this reason, you identify your exact motivation.  We won’t get into the power of negative vs positive motivation.  For now we will just bring awareness and understanding to motivation being your “why”.  By asking the question, “why?”, one can bring clarity to the situation, which is the first step to staying motivated.

So what are these steps?

Step 1 – Identify your Why! (Define your Motivation)

For most people this is the question that needs to be answered on a daily basis. If for no other reason then to be clear with yourself.  Why is this so important to me?  You see, where a lot of us fail is right at this point.  We can’t answer this question fully and truly.  Instead we are pre-wired to focus on our goal.  Which, let me be the first to tell you, is wrong.  In fact, if you haven’t read the blog “Forget Your Goals” you should stop right here, read that, and then come right back because that message will be very powerful, possibly life-changing for some.

Step 2 – Identifying your Steps.

Understand that your focus needs to be on your steps and not on your goal. For some people this is a concept that will switch everything like switching a light from off to on.  I’ve had clients say that this brought perspective to their ability achieving anything they set their minds to.  For others it takes a little bit to sink in, only because we’ve been taught so differently.  Allow me to give you an example of why this mindset needs to change as a second step.

Focusing on your goal, rather than the steps, would be like standing at the bottom of a huge mountain, looking up and saying we are going to reach the summit.  I mean that’s a great thing to say and an outstanding goal, but we can’t just start hiking, can we?  Even if we are so focused on reaching the top, we have to understand that there are steps to take in preparation we are going to have to take in order to reach the top.  We can’t just say we are going to reach the top and then just instantly get there.  No, first we have to plan out our steps and prepare for our hike.  We can’t just start hiking.  Suppose this trip only took 4 days, which most goals don’t but, for conversation sake, say it did and we were so motivated by our goal to get to the top we decided to just start hiking, but after the first few hours we realized we had forgot water.  What would happen?  We would fail at the attempt, wouldn’t we?  Either having to turn around to come back down after one full day of hiking or dying of dehydration in a desperate effort.  Either way we fail, why?  All because we forgot to plan our steps.  We didn’t prepare ourselves to succeed.  Much the same happens with achieving our goals.  Too often we don’t prepare ourselves with the tools to succeed, and sometimes it could be something as simple as remembering water. 

Step 3 – Take Action and Progress Everyday.

We underestimate how important it is to progress.  Too often it’s true how the saying goes, “if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.”  By identifying what steps are going to be required for us to achieve our goals it brings insight to circumstances that may arise along the way.  Using the climbing a mountain example, identifying the steps to achieve climbing to the summit might include bringing water, therefore taking action and filling up water bottles, would be a simple example of taking action.  Also packing some source of food to keep your body fuelled to endure the journey would be an additional step.  Although it may take an extra day of preparation before you’ve even begun to climb, taking action on these types of steps ensures that you are preparing yourself for success rather than failure.  Often we get caught up wanting to reach the goal before we’ve prepared for the journey and that’s a recipe for disaster.  Taking action on progressive steps each day is a great way to continue to fuel your motivation and continually remind yourself of your reason why.

If we can implement these steps and apply them to our lives, staying motivated becomes simple.   And once we are motivated, there is really nothing that can stop you.  You know it, I know it, and so will the rest of the world.  Good Luck!!