This could get me Fired!

What I’m about to tell you could potentially put me out of a job.  In fact, I truly hope it does because, if it does, it means that I’ve done a good job at explaining why you don’t need a personal trainer.  

I should start by saying PT was sort of a natural fit for me after my athletic career was over. I was passionate about helping people and naturally athletic so I started helping people to do what I had done my entire life, become more athletic. 

Lets Back Up

It was during my first year that I started to get very busy with clients who had heard about the success others were having and wanted to get a piece of the action for themselves.  So, they would sign up, and commit to X-amount of sessions usually depending on a combination of how much money they had and how often they could get to the gym. The more money they had, the more sessions they’d purchase up front. Fortunate for me I worked at a high end club with a lot of business owners, executives, and professionals who seemed to do well for themselves so most of my clients had lots of money.  This meant that so long I could help them I was going to be busy for a while.

The Drill

I would start each client off with a physical assessment to get an idea of where they were physically with respect to cardio, strength and mobility. 

I would also ask them specifically about their goals. 

Each person had a unique set of goals depending on the person, everything ranging from, I want to lose 10 pounds from around my mid-section, to I want to lose 50 pounds total from everywhere. Some were more specifically looking to gain some upper body strength so that they would look stronger or leaner and then some needed to build strength back in a specific area like their knee or their shoulder so they could start doing what they were once able to do again. There were some people that had goals, like I just want to feel better and have more energy. Or I just want to get rid of this back pain so I can sleep at night.  One of the best ones I heard was, I want my cardio level up so I don’t get tired giving it to my wife, lol.  Pretty much every kind of physical goal, I heard it. Some would tell me that they’ve had this goal in mind for years and years and haven’t seemed to be able to get anywhere with it.

Now you may be surprised to hear this, but in most cases although it seemed like I was listening inattentively and taking physical and mental notes, I already knew what I was going to do with the client before we even talked about their goals.  In fact in most cases I would have preferred they forgot them entirely.  If you haven’t yet check out the blog post “Forget Your Goals” to see what I’m talking about.  Really when it came down to it, all I needed to know was what they physically could and couldn’t do.    

Like I was saying before, my background in athletics came from many different sports.  My specialty was sprints in track and field. So after my athletic career was finished, and I started to help others with fitness. Even before I started my Online Coaching Business, I looked at myself as a coach and I looked at my clients as though they were my athletes.  Now as a coach, if I asked my athletes what their goal was, it would have been almost all the same.  Something along the lines of, to win a championship!  Same when I asked my clients what their goal was.  They would all be relatively the same, to lose body fat, or to gain strength or to gain more energy!  Which I totally understand, everybody want something more or better than what they have, I get it.  Every athlete wants to win a championship or be the champion.
But my job as a coach was not to focus on the championship.  My job was to get them there!  In fact, quite often my job involved getting them to forget about the championship and instead bring awareness to what habits we could create that would insure we stayed on track getting them there.   To develop a system.  A system they could stick to and grind through! Find time for. A system they could feel good about each day no matter how small the victory, they could celebrate because they stayed on track. My job was to make them practice every day, just as I did.  My job was to make them addicted to progression every single day until it became a habit to wake up and think about the ways the were becoming better.  By sticking to their habits.  By grinding through their routine.  My job was to instil the confidence back into each one of them that they could achieve whatever they set their minds to.  And by setting their minds, meaning setting their thoughts, their ways, their habits, their being up for success each and every day.   By helping them to develop a winning system that they could be proud of and staying on track. That was my job.

My Job was Over

Once they relearned this lesson, my job as a coach or a personal trainer was over. The goal no longer mattered as much because they were on a daily lifestyle track.  Let me say that again incase you missed it.  Once they received that message, the goal no longer mattered because they were on a daily lifestyle track!  They literally did not need me.  Now don’t get me wrong, some would continue to schedule training with me, but they didn’t need me.  At that point I think we had built such a strong and powerful relationship that they just wanted to hang out for the hour.  They had all of the tools they needed to achieve whatever their goals were, they just had to stay on track. It was about the habits that they had built to suit their lifestyle. Quite often, they had reached a different kind of success than they had ever dreamed of. A kind of success that put them back in control of their own destiny!  In every case they had gained control back of their lives and they truly no longer need me.  That, I am sincerely happy about.