What is the single most powerful thing that you could do today, that would enable you to achieve any goal you desire?  Any thoughts?  Well, stick around because that is exactly what we will be discussing here.  Now, before we begin, I just want to be clear about this bold statement I’m making so I’ll say it again.  This is the most powerful tip that you could literally implement today to allow you to achieve any goal you desire.  And I will not be vague in any way as this will be the exact formula. 

Before we get into it, first let me give you a few hints, see if you can guess It.

Guy finds out wife’s pregnant

This is an example that seems to happen quite a lot, however when it happened to someone I actually knew, it literally blew my mind and I almost couldn’t believe it.  Have you ever heard about someone losing their job, or becoming homeless, then finding out their wife is pregnant, all within the same year?  Then, within the following 18 months, goes on to create a multi-million dollar business, doing millions in sales each year?  Well that’s exactly what happened to my friend Arelle.  Arelle is one of the most ‘down to earth’ filthy rich people I know.  He’s the guy that asks if you want a beer and invites you to stay for dinner before you’ve been able to say hello.  He’s always wearing swim trunks just in case someone else wants to jump in the water.  He’s the type that seems to make the most out of each day.  He’s a wealth of knowledge and useful information and doesn’t mind sharing it with anyone interested.  He would literally teach you step by step, starting from zero, how to achieve success if you would listen.  As a matter of fact, Arelle tells it that there was a time that he couldn’t afford food to eat.  He was literally homeless living in an abandoned boat.   One day a stranger who must have been watching him for some time brought him a bag of groceries that he had bought for him.  This turned out to be a real eye opening event.  He said that day he knew something had to change.  Today, Arelle lives on a multi-million dollar yacht that he sails down to the Caribbean each year before it gets too cold in Canada. He owns a water purification company, that he pretty much now runs remotely.   But it wasn’t always like that he tells it.  He says that in order to achieve success, one has to look at life like it’s an airplane on the tarmac.  In fact, if you haven’t watched the video about that I’d encourage you to check it out.  Click Here to see the video.

Left side vs Right side

I’ll give you another hint.  I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not but did you know that we all have 2 different sides of our brains that control different thoughts.  It’s been said that the ‘right brain’ is where all of our creative thinking comes from, things like emotion and imagination.  Whereas the ‘left brain’ is responsible for all of the logic, things like math and reason.  

With that being said I want you to use your ‘right brain’ to imagine you had to carry a 100 pound bag of cement over your shoulder, for 100 meters, to help a friend with a foundation he’s building for a house.  He’s asked you to do him this favour because it’s going to require some manpower to trek the cement from the road to where the house is going to be built and all of his other friends were too busy to help.  Imagine that you finally get there with the cement and when you arrive he tells you that he changed his mind and that the actual location of where the house is being built is only 100 meters further from here.  It’s the logical, left brain that would begin to ask questions such as, why didn’t he tell me this in the beginning; why exactly am I doing this; how much am I getting paid for this; is our friendship really even worth it?  If the logic doesn’t make enough sense then one could easily convince themselves that they are not doing it and that he’s on his own. 

On the other hand imagine, instead of that 100 pound of cement, you had a son or a daughter that weighed 100 pounds.  And imagine, instead of building foundation, you had to carry your child from the parking lot to a nearby hospital that was 100 meters away.  Then upon your arrival one of the nurses tells you “This is an emergency.  You need to go to Emerge which is 100 meters away from here.”  Would there be any questioning about why you’re doing it, or how much you were getting for doing it, or if it’s worth it?  No, instead your right brain would overtake any logic and get your loved one to that hospital by any means necessary.  Correct?

Super Human Strength

Let me give you another hint.  Have you ever heard a story of someone using super human strength to achieve something that most of us would deem impossible?  Angela Cavallo, after being told there was an accident, ran outside to find her teenage son, Tony, trapped under a 1964 Chevy Impala – it had been knocked off a car jack while he was working on it, collapsing on him. Angela, who was in her late fifties at the time, not only managed to raise the car up off of her son about four inches, she held it there long enough for neighbors to replace the jack and drag Tony out. They estimate it was about five minutes.

If you think lifting a car is impressive, Warren “Tiny” Everal takes it to a whole other level. When a helicopter from the TV show Magnum P.I. crashed, Steve Kux, one of the pilots, was trapped underneath. The fact that the helicopter weighed 1550 pounds when empty didn’t stop Tiny. He managed to lift the helicopter off his co-worker, meaning Kux escaped with some arm damage, but his life intact.

Extra Hint

Here’s an extra hint for those of you who are still unsure what this powerful tip is.  Will Smith, a famous actor who most people have heard of, has achieved many of his goals and talks about how he’s been able to have this type of success multiple times.  In fact, he now is a known motivational speaker who has taught thousands how to go after, and achieve their goals, just as he has.  One powerful message that he shares when he talks is about how competitive he is.  He says this, “if you and I get on a treadmill to see who can last longer there’s 2 ways that things could end.  First, either you’re going to give up, or second, I’m going to die on a treadmill.” 

So what’s the Answer

We have reached the end and, if you are still here with me, it is time to reveal this powerful tip that you could do starting today to achieve any goal.  As promised I will make sure to be very specific so that there is no misunderstanding.  If you notice from the scenarios above, each example illustrates someone who ‘really wants it’.  This is quite often where we are left by these motivational gurus to discover for ourselves, how to take these concepts and apply them to our own lives, in other words, how to really want it.  And although some might argue that this is true, we have to really want it, this solution seems vague.  Vague in that it doesn’t give us a clear message about what we are supposed to actually do.  Or how we can take these messages, apply them to our own lives and program our minds to think.  I want to give clear direction in how we need to program our minds.  The answer may come as a surprise but in order to achieve our goals we need to simply do 1 thing.  Make the ‘right brain’ convince your ‘left brain’ that your life depends on it.  Just as the examples above demonstrate, each instance was a case of someone convinced that their life depended on it.  Even if it was a loved one in dire straights, the catastrophic result would end in their life forever being affected.   They had to ultimately convince themselves that logic did not matter and, in many cases, achieved the impossible.  Often we get taught that in order to achieve something we have to really want it.  In the examples above there was zero question of whether they wanted it.  It had surpassed that, reaching a new level of necessity.  They had all reached a point in their minds that their lives depended on it.  If you can convince your mind that your life truly depends on it, there is no logic, no person, no distance, no time, there is absolutely nothing, that can stop you from achieving your goal.