Money is Evil

Since any of us can remember, money has been around and played a significant role in each of our lives.  Whether that means our experiences have been shaped by the lack of having money or we have been afforded opportunities that only money could pay for, it has played a significant role in each of our lives.   Often the correlation between money and evil exist in the mindsets of mankind due to the lack of having enough of it.  This often results in the inability to shape a positive experience and therefore ends with a conclusion that money is bad or evil.  But is it money that is evil or rather something else that shapes our thoughts that surrounds money?  Today we will uncover what it is about money that is actually evil, and see if by creating a stream of passive income, this changes the entire perspective.

The Bible Says

Whether you’re religious or not, practically everyone is familiar with the Bible.  It has had major influence on our society in ways that we are aware of and also some ways that may not be so clear.  Without getting into personal beliefs, it has helped shape the minds of millions by communicating certain universal truths.  That being said, as a society regardless whether you are an avid bible reader or someone who discovers beliefs on your own, it could be assumed that we all believe certain things without having to be told to.  An example of this would be ‘thou shall not kill’.   Regardless of whether you were raised in the church or not, you and I have a common understanding that it is wrong for us to kill and therefore don’t.  That seems to be accepted by almost everyone as ‘human beings’ without it being taught to us in schools.  Another universal truth is that mankind was given Dominion.  Meaning ‘the most high’ created us all to be dominant life forms here on earth.  This includes over the fish, the birds, the trees, the insects and even the animals.  This is an important truth to understand and realize if we want to understand why or how money is evil.

Firstly, lets look at the word dominion.  Dominion means to rule or have power over which we, as human beings, were all naturally born with power or control over all things.  This control gives us the ability to control our own lives resulting in feelings that we are naturally born to have, considering mankind was created to have dominion.  

Losing Control

I want you to imagine, you are a wrestler and your opponent pins you down on your back.  Your reaction is to struggle, fight, flail, wiggle, squirm, practically anything to get out of that position.  Why?  The obvious answer as a wrestler would be because you are losing!  But the real reason is because you have lost control!  You have lost control so much so that your opponent has been able to manipulate you, forcing you on your back into a position that you are uncomfortable being in.  Why?  Because this feels unnatural considering we were born to be in control.  When someone or something strips that control from us we feel like we are losing and therefore have lost what it is we were born with – dominion!  

Much the same when we live in a society in which money helps us to attain certain things that are not only desirable but necessary for survival.  Money is used to buy the roof over our heads; heat when we are cold; food when we are hungry; water when we are thirsty and many other things we might take for granted until we are without.  In many cases the sad reality is that, people don’t control money, money controls people.  It’s only when we don’t have enough money to purchase something that we want or need that the realization becomes apparent.  In most cases people work for money, money doesn’t work for people.  This is a dangerous place for the mindset of mankind to be because it goes against what we were all born to be in control!  This is especially when considering our own lives.  The second that someone or something has control over your own life it could easily be looked at as being evil.  It has taken something each of us were born with – dominion.  Just as the wrestler pins his opponent, money has pinned down so many lives.

There is a Solution

Think of when you were in school.  I don’t know if any of you have experienced any forms of bullying but it has been a big problem amongst children and into their adolescence.  When a bully attacks a victim it can come in many forms, however, the premise remains the same.  One individual manipulates another by taking away the other’s control.  Think of the school child that gets beat up for his lunch money.  The bully has used strength and force to convince the other individual of giving up something that is rightfully theirs.  What’s the solution?

Well, in many situations, the victim looks to seek help by way of learning some sort of new skill such as karate or some other type of martial art to defend against the bully’s future attacks.  Quite often this skill takes months or even years to acquire however, it is well worth it and in fact, the time is irrelevant in such cases.  What matters is not living a life of submissiveness and therefore every effort is made to stop this type of behaviour from continuing.  Often the victim trains for months, or sometimes years, to not have to endure going through their entire school career being picked on.  After the new skillset is acquired by the victim, the bully is confronted by the individual who is not willing to take it anymore and is ready to stick up for him or herself.  This usually results in a battle at which point the bullying stops.

This, although used in fictitious tales, is a concept that applies in real life.  However, instead of it being a bully that has you in a stronghold, or a wrestler pinning you down on your back, it’s money.  Fight for your control back.  This may require you to acquire a new set of skills or find a coach or mentor.  This may require dedicating the next 6 months to finding the solution.  This may require feeling like you’re getting beat up every day for the next year.  Regardless of what the circumstance, don’t accept that this is just the way that it is, because it’s not.  You deserve control over your own life.  It’s time to make money work for you, not the other way around where you work for money.  Money is not evil when it’s working for you.  Not having control over your own life is what’s evil.  Each of us deserve a life that we are in control of, in fact we were born for it to be that way.  If anyone reading this is interested in a system that will allow money to start working for you please feel free to reach out to me and I will gladly share with you what I’ve been doing.

Create a Passive Income Stream

Suppose someone, instead of taking karate lessons, were to take money-making lessons.  And suppose that person was given specific instructions on what to do to create an online passive income stream that, once working, would continue to generate money for years to come.  Would the perspective on money being evil change?  Or how about if you were not only to be able to afford travel with you and your family anywhere in the world, but also be able to generate income while you were travelling.  Would the perspective of money being evil change at all?  The reason I ask is because in today’s age, this is a realistic possibility for nearly anyone to achieve.

Legendary Marketer which is in fact, currently offering a FREE 15 Day Business Builder BluePrint for anyone aspiring to become an online entrepreneur.  They claim that they want you to actually be making money by the 15th day.  Would you believe that the first thing they do in the 15 day course is assign you to your own coach?  Well that exactly what they do.  Just as the school kid getting beat up by the bully had to get a mentor, so might someone also if they want to change their perspective.

In any case, if you’re interested in Legendary Marketer, I talk a lot more about it in the Free Affiliate Marketing Mini Course I created so feel free to check it out.  Or maybe you’re someone who already has a business, and wants to leverage the power of the internet to be able to generate income online from your product or service, ClickFunnels might be a good option for you!  But again, I talk more about that in the Free Affiliate Marketing Mini Course.

Regardless of the circumstance, it sounds unrealistic to believe that, in the world we live in today, with internet creating a completely level playing field, anyone would continue to get bullied by money and have a perspective that it is for some reason evil.